Ranipuram #weekendgetaway

After ticking off all the top weekend destinations from our a class travel list and lot of brain storming on finding a perfect destination to spend our weekend, we zeroed down on one of the unleashed hill station of Kerala – Ranipuram. Why ranipuram? Ranipuram is a fairly unexplored hill, and a trekking trip would […]

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Did you say Road-trip?

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien On a Friday evening, after the regular class work, i was just discussing about the misery of engineering life with the squad, and all we wanted is being free, untied, and adventurous, one among us suggested to blow of the steam and go on a road-trip . Ah road-trip! […]

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Being free, untied, adventurous. Lusting for the new, for the unknown always, wanting more and different, not settling for one kind, in one place. Always moving, flying, dreaming, making wonderful memories, learning all cultures but choosing to be free, choosing to be unbound by rules, laws, conventions. I want all of this, but sometimes, situations […]


” FERNWEH ” #travellust

lust to travel, to wander, to be away from home, to call home wherever i lay down. Lust to live raw, in the wild, sleeping under blue skies on the open fields, running in the woods, chasing fog and clouds, laughing with people. Yes, all i want is to make it somewhere, somehow.  

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