Ranipuram #weekendgetaway


After ticking off all the top weekend destinations from our a class travel list and lot of brain storming on finding a perfect destination to spend our weekend, we zeroed down on one of the unleashed hill station of Kerala – Ranipuram.

Why ranipuram?

Ranipuram is a fairly unexplored hill, and a trekking trip would be ideal for a perfect weekend plan!


famous for lush greenery, scenic views, trekking and plenty of view points.

Situated 750 m above sea level in Western Ghats, Ranipuram is popularly known as Ooty of Kerala.

Ranipuram is 106 Km from Mangalore and the journey is one of the best with breathtaking views, hairpin bends, stiff climbs accompanied by tea estate, rubber plantation and much more.

Around 15 of us planned off a journey to the ooty of kerala. So, capitulate yourself with us as we take you to on a sojourn to one of the most stunning hill station of Kerala.


We started at 7:20 am from Mangalore central (Ernad express)taking the route via Bekal-> Pallikere -> Kanhangad. Around 8 a.m, we reached Kanhangad, we still had around 55km journey on road. Before we set out, we headed towards a local cafe for breakfast at kanhangad: Indian coffee-house(little gallery about the food served)

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Ranipuram is at a distance of about 55 Km from Kanhangad. One has to hire a vehicle from Kanhangad or as to travel by local transport buses plying towards Panathur, which is Kerala-Karnataka border. Regular buses are available in this route.Bus cost you around 30rs. Panathady is the nearest stop from where Ranipuram hill station is about 9KM. Roads up to Panathady is in good condition but after that the distance of 9KM to Ranipuram, it is terribly damaged.


From panathur,There are no other options than hiring a private jeep (Rs 350/-) to move to Ranipuram from Panathady.


after a jeep ride and taking breaks to feed our lenses, we reached at 11:00 am at base of Ranipuram trek and were welcomed by drizzle.The base or entrance of the trek have forest department check in and small petty shop that serves you amazing food.

In order to reach the top of the Ranipuram hill a 6 km trek through the forest is required. It is not only a test of your stamina but also a measure of courage in you because one needs to cover some distance through the kingdom of leeches. As it was drizzling throughout the month the place was ruled by leeches. We started our trek at about 11.30 am after getting all the registration work done by the forest department .  We were accompanied by a forest officer who was heading towards the forest quarters at the top.Half of the trek route is through the Shola forest and the rest through the grasslands. We couldn’t even pause for a second for a deep breathe in the forest area due to the mass attack of the leeches. Somehow we managed to reach the grassland portion which is outside the boundary of the leeches’ world. We could only enjoy the beauty of the green hills covered with grass for some moments and soon fog covered the entire area. We found it difficult even to see each other. Here are some of the best things that we experienced whilst on our trek .

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We spent about one hour there at the top of the hill taking pictures, eating biscuits and enjoying the climate which was quite rejoicing.dsc_0579

Soon it started drizzling again. All of us enjoyed the scenario by getting wet in the rain some of us were “unlucky” to have umbrella with them. On our return we visited the officers quarters at the top,


bidding him a good bye and hurrying back to the entrance , to find some food. Around 3.30 we reached back and had some delicious kerala food at the petty shop at the base.


Well, this is one place whose beauty cannot be experienced with words or pictures. You have to go there and experience it.  The amazing flora and fauna along the adventurous trekking trail is worth the effort reaching there. So just gang up and head to Ranipuram!img_9105





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