Blacksoul scribble#6

And there she said :
I promise to not be messy or bug you with my texts or call you at random hours and rant or you know, anything in this world that would keep you from me.
But I got my lips sealed where I once opened my heart, and didn’t say anything. Because maybe I feared, you would not like me even after I confessed my feelings to you
and that would make me feel a little more vulnerable
and keep you a lot farther from my reach. I didn’t want to lose upon our friendship, so maybe, I was so confused, I still am.
My conscience gets to you, every time we connect, and that’s something rare. But you know i fell in love with 3 year back and It didn’t change.
And today, these are the exact same reasons i hold on to you.
You saw through my flaws and loved me anyway. I know this will be a good old story someday and our pictures will become photographs.
But right now, these moments are not stories.
This is happening. 


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