Blacksoul scribble#5

Don’t just say you love.
Look at her. Look at her eyes, look at her smiling at the ground when you compliment, look at those messy hair when you meet her unplanned, look at her shy and blush when you call her yours amongst people, feel her sniffing your neck because your scent makes her go mad, look at the way she sips her coffee, know how she takes her coffee, look at her body – her skin, her moles, her marks and scars. Feel her scars, kiss them, those are the places nobody has ever loved. Look at the shape her mouth makes while eating her favourite dessert, listen to her when she talks about the things that woo her, her dreams, know what’s her favourite movie, song, book even her favourite season and colour. Silly yes, but it’s worth it. Grab her, tickle even when she says not to, kiss her often, help her change, evolve and love the changes. It’s okay to hold shopping bags, it’s okay to sleep-in all day with her, it’s okay to be called whipped.
If you say you love her, love her right and for real.


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