Ranipuram #weekendgetaway

After ticking off all the top weekend destinations from our a class travel list and lot of brain storming on finding a perfect destination to spend our weekend, we zeroed down on one of the unleashed hill station of Kerala – Ranipuram. Why ranipuram? Ranipuram is a fairly unexplored hill, and a trekking trip would […]

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Blacksoul scribble#6

And there she said : I promise to not be messy or bug you with my texts or call you at random hours and rant or you know, anything in this world that would keep you from me. But I got my lips sealed where I once opened my heart, and didn’t say anything. Because […]

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Blacksoul scribble#5

Don’t just say you love. Look at her. Look at her eyes, look at her smiling at the ground when you compliment, look at those messy hair when you meet her unplanned, look at her shy and blush when you call her yours amongst people, feel her sniffing your neck because your scent makes her […]

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Blacksoul Scribble#4

 I’m a hopeless lover but an equally terrible romantic. He knew. I loved his hair, his laughter, his scent, his madness for driving, his obsessions, his flaws. Oh, how effortless it was to laugh with him! It was all beautiful – the way those black trousers hung from his hips, how he would grab me […]

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Did you say Road-trip?

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien On a Friday evening, after the regular class work, i was just discussing about the misery of engineering life with the squad, and all we wanted is being free, untied, and adventurous, one among us suggested to blow of the steam and go on a road-trip . Ah road-trip! […]

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Grubberry #AlwaysHungry

Grubbery – always hungry as got its new outlet in outskirts of mangalore( approx 16km away) . It’s a pretty decent resto cafe, with the sitting capacity over a 12 tables. Location : Hassan Chambers, Opposite Yenepoya University, Deralakatte, Mangalore , India WHAT brings me here? I love the whole idea of a drive and […]

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